Morning Your Server

MONITORING YOUR SERVER   Monitoring is critical for any IT infrastructure and no amount of operator monitoring by itself can keep track of everything. Thats why monitoring your services is so important. So what should you monitor?  You can divide up your monitoring into a couple of strategic areas.  Just as with metrics collection, there is business & application level monitoring and then there is […]

NIC Teaming / BONDING in CentOS 6.X

  NIC Teaming / BONDING in CentOS 6.X Bonding or NIC Teaming are two terms referring to the very same thing. The concept is simple: on servers with multiple NIC’s, you can use two or more cards to function as one, this increases the throughput, efficiency and redundancy of your server. There are many reasons why you would want to setup Bonding/Nic Teamin on a […]

Private Network Configuration (Windows) Part 2

PRIVATE NETWORK CONFIGURATION Part 2  Assumptions: This document asumes the following: You have RDP access to the server You are using Windows 2008 server Full You have Administrator access to the server The private interface to be used is Ethernet 2 The private IP assigned to your server is Our VPN Server will be used for testing, its IP address is   We […]

Installing cPanal on Centos 6/7

cPanel Installation Instructions   To keep better track of the installation, you need install  the “screen” program. This program helps you follow the installation process if the ssh connection is lost. 1. Connect to the server via SSH and run the following command: yum -y install screen This will install “screen” on your server After this, you need to execute the “screen” command and hit […]

DNS Resolvers

WHAT RESOLVERS SHOULD YOU USE.   By default we drop DNS traffic from most locations and only allow traffic from trusted sources.

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