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Monitoring is critical for any IT infrastructure and no amount of operator monitoring by itself can keep track of everything.

Thats why monitoring your services is so important.

So what should you monitor?  You can divide up your monitoring into a couple of strategic areas.  Just as with metrics collection, there is business & application level monitoring and then there is lower level system monitoring which is also important.

Due to the nature of our business, we decided for a non-intrusive solution which will monitor services from an OOB network.

This means you will be able to track uptime / SLA or any other tcp/udp port you wish to monitor.

New servers are monitored through ICMP however, any number of ports/protocols ca be monitored at your command.

How to request it: go to your control panel at and open a ticket.

In this ticket include the following:


IP: Host you want monitored.

Port / Protocol: TCP or UDP port/protocol you wish to be monitored.

Action: what action should be taken if the service does not responds accordingly.

Any further consideration should be addressed in the ticket as well.

Once this is added, you will be able to see all the monitoring data right from your Control Panel.


Rackend Host

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