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Private Networks are formed by computers or servers connected to each other but not so to external networks such as the internet.

Each server is given a single usable IP address. By default we segment traffic to every individual server into a single vlan using VLSM, this means no other server can talk to your server on the same vlan as only a single usable IP is given.

Although this configuration is usually not implemented for single-server customers, it is widely used by some operations where the exchange of traffic between servers takes place in the same data center or the traffic can not be done via the public network. Some of the reasons may include the following:

  • 1. Security Concerns. Data needs to remain private.
  • 2. Latency is an issue, for example DB servers talking to front-end servers.
  • 3. Backup servers, all data remains local.
  • 4. High Frequency transactions. This scenario includes multiple servers in the same data center, where traffic latency needs to be at the very minimum. being in the same network gives your traffic the ensurance there will be no high latency.
  • 5. OOB Management. say you ONLY want to manage your server via a private connection, this is the way to go, no ports are open to a public network therefore no attacks can occur at least on the internet side of things.


This type of scenario is often seen and support technicians are required to configure it more then often.

For this reason we have created two articles that outline the basic configuration of such private network.


NOTE: Private networks are not configured by default however, they can be configured when requested by our customers.


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