Private Network Configuration (CentOS)

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Assumptions: This document asumes the following:

  • You have ssh access to the server
  • You are using the “basic server” utilities server set.
  • You have root access to the server
  • The private interface to be used is eth1
  • The private IP assigned to your server is


1. Connect via ssh to the remote server you want to configure.


ssh Connect


2. Once you have connected to the remote server via ssh, you need to configure the eth1 interface. Doing this is easy with the following command: system-config-network-tui


3. Once you launch the utility, this is how the configuration looks like:




NOTE: DO NOT include the Default Gateway, this will be configured later statically.


4. Once this is saved, make sure to edit the network configuration file for eth1 to reflect the following changes:

To edit the file, execute: nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1

The changes should set the ONBOOT flag to yes and you must ADD the HOTPLUG flag and set it to yes.







5. Once this is done, you need to add the file that will define the Gateway to be used for this private connection. The file should be named route-eth1 and should be in the following path: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ and should look like this:




Please note the Address0 and the Netmask0 will never change, the only value that changes is your Gateway!


6. Once this is done, you need to restart the network service by isuging the following command: service network restart
This will bring your eth1 interface up and with this you will be able to communicate with the server via the internal network.

At this point you may request any FW rules in place to be added to your internal network configuration.

You can see the traffic from one server to another server leaves using the Private Network, not touching the public connection.

Private Connection


Please feel fre to contact us if you have any further questions.


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