Private Network Configuration (Windows)

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  • This document asumes the following:
  • You have RDP access to the server
  • You are using Windows 2008 server Full
  • You have Administrator access to the server
  • The private interface to be used is Ethernet 2
  • The private IP assigned to your server is


 1. Connect via RDP to the remote server you want to configure.

2. Once you are connected, lauch the Server Manager and Click on Manage —-> Add Roles and Features.

3. Click on Next and select Role-Based or feature-Based Installation. Click next. Role Based

Role Based

4. Select the Local Server you are working on and click Next.

5. Select the Network Policy and Access Services Role from the list. Next click on the “add Features” tab and click next.

6. Click next once again as shown in this picture.




7. You will then get the confirmation of what you will install on the server. Click on Next.

IMPORTANT: make sure the “routing” tab is selected to be installed.

Role Confirmation

8. You will see the Confirmation before the installation. Then click on the “Install” tab. Confirmation


9. After this, you will see the “Installation Succeeded message. Click on Close.


After this is done, you may configure this server to access both Public and Private Networks simultaneously.

Please get back to us if you have any further questions.

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