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We at Rackeknd, have tried to centralize all management functions in one single Platform.

When it comes to VPS servers however, at times this is not enough, which is the reason of the creation of this article. Almost every management task can be done from our Control panel available at https://support.rackend.com with a few exceptions, amonf these exceptions we can include:

  • TUN/TAP Management
  • PPP Management.
  • API Management
  • rDNS Management
  • Console Management

For this reason, we have made sure you receive an email when you purchase a VPS Server, including the URL and credentials of the Solus Control Panel used to manage each VPS Server.

You may use the following URL: https://scloud.rackend.com/login.php


Solus Control Panel


Please note you must use the credentials sent to your email address, if you lost the email, you are welcome to open a ticket and request the credentials from our support staff by opening a ticket at https://support.rackend.com/index.php?/clientarea/

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or open a support ticket.


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