?Porque Swisslayer¿

Con mas de 1000 servidores dedicados en el exterior, Swisslayer es una de las empresas de manejo de datos lideres en Suiza. Swisslayer presta servicios a clientes que esperan los más altos estándares suizos en cuanto a fiabilidad, rendimiento y privacidad. Nuestros productos y servicios se pueden combinar para crear soluciones asequibles para las nuevas empresas que esten lanzando nuevos proyectos. Podemos diseñar soluciones basadas en el rendimiento para empresas de rápido crecimiento que buscan hospedar aplicaciones web de alto tráfico. Swisslayer puede proporcionar SLAs personalizados para empresas que tengan requisitos más estrictos de soporte, tiempo de actividad, estabilidad y privacidad.

Swisslayer Support Features

24 Hour Support

Our highly qualified sales and technical engineers speak english and spanish and are avaliable 24/7/365. All of our support engineers are highly trained and carry Cisco and various technical certifications to resolve any issue swiftly and professionally.

24 Hour Server Provisioning

Our support engineers are avalaible 24/7/365 to ensure your service is provisioned quickly. All of our services except Dedicated servers are automated and delivered opon the succesfull completion of your payment transaction. Our VPS and cloud servers allow you build a highly scalable hosting enviroment within seconds of completing your order. Dedicated servers will be delivered within 4 to 24 hours upon receiving payment. Pre-configured servers can be delivered instantly on request. Our fast provisioning process guarantees that you get online and working with mission-cricital performance and reliability.

Data Center Features

Swisslayer’s enteprise grade Cisco and Supermicro equipment are located in Switzerland the secure heart of Europe.
Our offshore server racks feature segregated caged enclosures, redundant power, a backup generator, 24 7 security, as well as a cooling and fire protection system. Located on one of Europe’s major backbones, this strategic Location puts it at a crossroad with all major Internet hubs providing low network latency connections.

Fire Protection

  • Fire suppression system
  • Smoke Detection Systems
  • 24/7 Surveillance


  • Biometric Datacenter Access
  • 24 Hour Security Monotoring
  • Private Caged Racks


  • APC Remote Reboot PDUs
  • Redundant power
  • Back Up Power Supply/HVAC systems


  • Redundant BGP Connections
  • Native IPV6
  • Single Mode

Why Host in Switzerland

Why Swiss

Switzerland is often viewed internationally as as a safe haven with strong values in stability and confidentiality. Its Political and economical advantages rank Switzerland the #1 country in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report. It is not a member of the European Union, and since 1815 remains neutral in times of conflict.

World Class Data Privacy Protection

As a world leader in data privacy Switzerland’s (DPA) Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and the (DPO) Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance, offer one of the highest offshore privacy standards in the world. The right to privacy and data protection is infused with Swiss Law. Switzerland long-standing tradition of security is a refuge for companies seeking the highest of privacy standards.

Swisslayer will do what it takes to win, grow, and retain your business!

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