OpenVPN Client – Windows Configuration


Why a VPN connection: For security reasons, IPMI interfaces are on a protected Private IP address space (RFC-1918). As such, these IP’s are not routable on the internet, and meant only for Private Use.

Being this the case, you need to VPN into our network in order to be able to access your server’s IPMI Interface.

Instructions If you are using a Windows-based PC.


1. Download the OpenVPN client from
2. Download the OpenVPN generic profile from
3. Install the OpenVPN client on your PC.
4. Import the Profile to the OpenVPN Client by selecting the + sign.

5. Select the option “Local File”.

6. Select the Previously downloaded OpenVPN Profile. Click “Open”

7. Give it a name and save it.
8. Click on the Profile you just added, to connect to our VPN Server.

9. Enter your VPN Credentials and click Login

10. Once this is done, you should be connected to the VPN Server.

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