OS installation over IPMI


In order to reload the OS on your server, you need to follow the basic steps of “Working with the IPMI” in order to connect to the remote IPMI of your server.
Once you have the “Remote Console” prompt available, you can re-load the OS on your server the same way we do it.


1. Click on “Virtual Media”  ——> Virtual Storage as shown in the following image.

2. On “Device 1, Select the file type as ISO File as shown in the following Image. Then click on Open Image.

3. Once you have selected the ISO File, you can put the name of the ISO you want to use for OS installations.

The click on “Open”

4. Once this is done yo uneed to click the “Plug in”  button as shown in the following image.

This will load the ISO image on your server’s IPMI interface and the system is besically ready to be re-installed.
Once you reboot the server, you can begin the installation of the new OS on your server.

NOTE: You can find the complete OS List Here
IMPORTANT: You will need to umount the ISO image after the installation.

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